My Plan

What has lead me here, why do I feel the urge to start a blog?

Like, who on earth would want to read about my thoughts, my problems and my expectations…

‘Expectations’… that’s the dreaded word here…

Hi my name is Jordy Young. In my former life I was an Early Childhood art teacher by day and event stylist by night. I spent my weekdays dreaming and planning my creative ambitions and figuring out the logistics of how I could turn my weekend passions into a successful, full time business that I could run from home whilst raising a family.

In 2015 our dreams of having a family became real. So much excitement was felt with the prospects of raising a family with my adoring husband on our property in the most beautiful part of Australia! When I thought the excitement had reached its peak it suddenly dawned on me that this could also be the fresh start that I had been dreaming of to allow my own career to reach the dizzying heights of my expectations! Yay?

As my pregnancy was reaching the later stages, my feeling towards this thing coming into our lives was of anticipation and uncertainty as really I had no clue of what to expect or the huge impact it was going to have on my life- besides the obvious lack of sleep! However the thought of being able to pursue my creative ambitions any day or every day of my maternity leave and beyond was way too much excitement for me to handle! (If you haven’t realised by now this isn’t going to be another blog about rainy day activities for the busy toddler but more about little old me and my selfish feelings, got it?) My friends and family were noticing a happier, more optimistic Jordy like never before. Even my Dr never failed to mention during my visits how he was amazed by my happiness and lack of complaints about my fat feet, saw back and already lack of sleep, he concluded my extra buzz for life was a result of my newly laid plans for my future career path.

My business ambitions were in motion- increased marketing, new brochures and upping the social media presence all in order to get the clients rolling in for my debut year as a full time Stylist! I’ll say it again… Yay? With several jobs in the pipe line post due date and several to complete pre due date, I was busy! And no I wasn’t totally unaware of the challenges I was going face when setting up weddings and parties with a new born baby and the fatigued baby body that came with it- I had strategies in place with the clients and helpers to ensure everything ran smoothly- which they did for the most part.

Finally the day arrived to say goodbye to my work colleges and all the children and their families at the centre which I had been a part of since its conception 6 long and challenging years ago. It was sad to see that time of my life coming to an end but holy dooly I was over the moon with joy to not only meet this new little being I had been growing inside me but to see if all my wildest, creative dreams were to become reality and live up to my… expectations…

I was enjoying a few weeks of freedom post work and pre baby, just taking time to breathe a deeper breath than ever before; taking time to bond deeper with my husband; taking time to settle in and connect with home life once again. However with all this new found space to roam came free time to continue building my business. Life kicked back into gear as I suddenly realised I had days to plan and prepare for the busy weekends of meetings, installs, coordinating and pack ups, instead of just a few measly hours here and there which seemed to get me by in my former life. At 34 weeks pregnant and after one extremely large engagement party install and pack up I remember thinking to myself… “This is going to be great, I’ve got this sorted!” I felt like all my creative ambitions and expectations were really coming true…


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